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What Exactly Is a Purchase Money Loan? Types & Examples

When you finally decide to buy a home and need financing for it, here are some of the options that may be open. A common choice is getting a standard mortgage from an institution or bank- they’re usually available with little fuss.

When you apply for a mortgage, many factors go into qualifying. For instance, your financial health is just one of these variables. Take the example of credit score; if it doesn’t meet any lenders standards, you will need to find another form of financing with them.

With a purchase money loan, you can get funds from the seller instead of going through your bank. Utilizing this type of financing option may be perfect for people who want to avoid having every penny they make go into debt or those individuals with poor credit that have no other options but are still interested in finding their dream home.

What Is a Purchase Money Loan?

To buy a home, sellers usually offer to provide the buyer with money that’s called “purchase-money financing.” A purchase-money loan is often an option for buyers who can’t get any other type of mortgage.

A credit union provides mortgages and many kinds of loans. however, they don’t have enough funds on hand to lend out large amounts when someone wants them as collateral.

They also prefer that their borrowers be in good standing financially so it may not make sense for those people looking at lower-priced homes either because there are more stringent requirements than what lenders like banks or government agencies require from clients. Banks sometimes do issue these types of loans.

Credit unions are the best place to save money because they give their members better interest rates than banks. The downside is that, unlike banks, credit union’s don’t grow with an expanding economy so often slow down when business picks up.

It’s not unusual for some buyers to be unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage, especially if they have poor credit or don’t make enough of a down payment. For these people, the purchase money loan is just what you need.

Easier Qualification for a Purchase Money Loans

Unqualified for a traditional mortgage? Don’t worry, purchase money loans are here to help. These loans have lower credit requirements and more flexible underwriting guidelines when compared with other types of mortgages. They also often charge cheaper rates than most refinances while giving you the highest loan-to-value ratio on average!

If your goal is to buy a home, you may be able to borrow more money through this loan. This will especially hold true if it takes one or two years for the property value of your house to double in order to reach equity.

The Fannie Mae Home Ready program offers low LTV ratios that require little down payment on homes with good credit scores and decent income levels so take advantage before it’s gone.

If our goal is buying a home, we can probably get an even higher amount of loans because they offer high LTV ratio’s or loan-to-value which means we can borrow up until 100% of what the asset price would cost us without having any problems at all.

Purchase Mortgage Loan Examples

In cases where the buyer cannot secure a typical mortgage, they might choose to finance their home from the seller. In this traditional real estate transaction, the buyer will provide cash for the purchase of property and in turn, is given financing by that same entity.

With agreed terms on repayment plans, both parties sign off with no worries about getting caught up in red tape or legal hassles later down the road (as long as there are solid agreements).

A purchase money mortgage is a popular option for buyers who can’t afford to put down the full price of their dream home upfront. With this type of financing, borrowers will typically pay interest rates that are higher than they would on more traditional types like bank mortgages and other loans because these funds aren’t pooled with others but instead used as part of the total cost.

Sellers may also request an increased sale value if desired in order to compensate them during monthly payments or use it themselves as an investment opportunity.

This type of mortgage is often used as a substitute for the buyer’s own cash to help fund their purchase. For example, if you needed $400k in order to buy your dream home worth $500k and had only enough funds on hand for an additional $40k, then this would be perfect.

This kind of loan can serve two purposes: it provides funding that might otherwise not have been available at all or alternatively offers assistance with closing costs when they exceed what buyers are able or willing (to) pay upfront.

Benefits of a PML

  • A purchase money mortgage is a good option for those who have bad credit and can’t qualify for other types of mortgages. It allows you to buy property without any need or requirement that the borrower put up some form of collateral such as their home, car, land or stock certificates.
  • There are more options for financing your home purchase with a Purchase money loan. Bear in mind that you’re subject to specific criteria in terms of interest rates and down payment, but there is less bureaucracy involved than those seeking conventional loans.
  • An owner financed situation is a great option for those who want to save on interest rates, fees and closing costs. After all, you’re the one funding it.

Drawbacks of a PML

The risks for the buyer and seller are in their own hands when opting to take out a purchase money loan. Most of these responsibilities lie on the shoulders of those who have opted to sell, but they must make sure that buyers stay current with payments or else risk getting taken into court over it. Some sellers might even be left responsible for fixing up what would happen should something go wrong.

Different Types of Purchase Money Loans

There are two types of Purchase Money Loans.

FHA Loans

With an FHA loan, it’s possible to buy a home with no money down in some states. The minimum credit score required is 580 so this type of low-cost mortgage would work well for first-time homeowners who may not have the best credit scores yet and want something more affordable than what they find on banks or rates.

VA Loans

The VA purchase loan is convenient for military members who want to buy a home without making the down payment. You are not required to have any money upfront, and you may be able to get a zero interest rate on your mortgage as long as you remain active in service through 2020.

How Does a Purchase Money Loan Work?

  • It’s important to have a down payment when buying property. When the seller doesn’t have a mortgage, it’s common for them to finance closing costs and interest with an equity loan or short-term line of credit like PACE (Personal Accountable Collateral Estimate). This is done through purchase money loans where they dictate monthly payments as well as their own APR.
  • When the seller has a mortgage, they receive monthly income from their loan and can use this to finance another home. The buyer then takes on the responsibility of making these payments instead but not for long. In the event that a buyer is unable to cover the entire house purchase price, they have an option of borrowing money from someone else. This could be done by taking out loans and making down payments, or through what’s known as “purchase-money financing.”


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