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Aetna Life Insurance Company: What are its Pros & Cons?

What Is Aetna Life Insurance?

Aetna offers employer-sponsored policies that come with many features and optional riders for added protection. Aetna’s coverage includes a variety of great benefits at an affordable price, so it may be the perfect choice if you’re looking to get supplemental life insurance without breaking your budget.

For example, it requires employers to pay at least 50% of participating employees’ premiums so workers have more security when purchasing supplemental life insurance coverage with lower out-of-pocket costs.


  • Aetna has been a healthcare coverage provider for many years now. This company was acquired by CVS in 2017 and is only just getting started with its new focus on health insurance, which should be really exciting to see unfold.
  • Aetna Life Insurance is a great option for those who work at home. The benefits of workplace coverage are that it can be purchased as an individual or through the company, and premiums may not fluctuate depending on age.
  • Aetna offers life insurance coverage benefits to workers, but there are stipulations on what percentage employers must cover before they can get a discount.
  • With a policy, you can take it with you wherever your life takes you. It’s versatile and offers whole-life conversion options for when the time comes to settle down or buy that big new house.

Pros Of Aetna Life Insurance

Coverage portability is offered

I used to think that after a certain number of years I would be locked out with no way back in because my company had me on temporary. That’s why it was so important for me to make sure I got coverage when the opportunity arose.

I once thought an insurance policy could only last up until you leave your job or retire but now, thankfully, there are ways around this limitation depending on what type of coverage you have and how long ago you purchased it.

Aetna operates in all 50 states and D.C.

Aetna is one of the most popular health insurance providers in America, offering coverage to all 50 states and Washington D.C., but not every product or feature they offer is available everywhere.

Dependent coverage available

Aetna is committed to providing dependents with coverage. Dependent means spouse or child and that they will be covered at all times, even when you are not using your plan for employees of other companies.

Employers must pay 50% or more of premiums

Aetna offers life insurance policies to cover your family in the event of an emergency. They will ensure you for up to $1 million and have a long-standing reputation as one of America’s leading providers.

Aetna has been providing affordable, reliable life insurances since 1853. which is why they are ranked among the best companies by Fortune 500’s list this year.

Long company history

Aetna is one of the oldest insurance companies in America and their coverage policies have been trusted by customers for over 170 years.

Cons Of Aetna Life Insurance

Only available for purchase through an employer

Aetna is now out of the business of selling individual life insurance policies, so coverage can only be purchased through a participating workplace.

Aetna has announced that they will no longer sell individual life insurance policies due to new changes in legislation and have advised consumers not to buy their policy because it would become worthless without an employer’s contribution.

The company plans on shifting its focus towards providing group health benefits for employers’ workers with options like medical, dental and vision care packages as well as prescription drug protection all under one plan.

Coverage may not be sufficient

Many people don’t realize that their employer will determine the coverage limits offered by an Aetna policy. If you need more life insurance than your family can afford, get a side gig to make some extra money.

Policy options and features are limited to employer’s choices

Your employer can choose from a variety of policy features, riders and coverage options. Though Aetna offers many life insurance benefits they may not all be offered on your company’s policy.

Available Plans In Aetna Life Insurance

Aetna offers a number of different life insurance plans and coverage for your very important needs. The options available to you will depend on whether or not you are employed with an employer that is partnered with them, as well as what kind of benefits they offer their employees-

Basic Term Life

This policy offers a guaranteed death benefit for preset time periods. Coverage limits will vary on the type, size and duration of the plan that is selected when choosing coverage terms offered.

Supplemental Term Life

Imagine you’re out for a nice meal with your family when the unthinkable happens. You are hit by an oncoming car and die, leaving all those closest to you without their primary provider of income. While insurance helps protect against this tragedy from happening, most life insurance policies expire after 10 years or less (with some exceptions).

Aetna offers supplemental term coverage that can be added onto group benefits offered through employers which provides temporary death protection at no additional cost.

This means if something were to happen today you get into a terrible accident while driving home from work in rush hour traffic your loved ones would still have monthly paychecks coming in as long as they had been paying premiums every month up until the time of your passing.

Dependent Term Life

Employees have the opportunity to purchase term life insurance coverage for spouses and/or children. This is often at an additional out-of-pocket cost, but dependent term life will vary by the employer in regards to the limit of coverage or even whether it’s offered at all.

Group Universal Life

Your employer may offer a universal life insurance option that allows you to secure permanent coverage for yourself and your loved ones.

The features of this group policy are portable protection and optional cash accumulation fund with guaranteed rates.

AD&D Ultra

If you’re looking for life insurance protection, then the AD&D Ultra Plan by Aetna is a great choice. This plan offers coverage against accidental death and dismemberment as well as extra benefits such as repatriation of remains (paying to bring your body back to loved ones if you die more than 200 miles from home), education and child care benefits for dependents, and supplemental benefit in case of a car accident caused by wearing a seatbelt properly while driving.



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