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How to Void a Check? Requirement & Working

Void check is a valuable resource for anyone who may need to return an item. It’s also handy when you want the information on your bank account without actually making a payment or if you just like watching checks get cancelled one at a time.

The days of writing out paper checks are long gone and they’re quickly being replaced with electronic payments. Nearly 93% of Americans say that their employers pay them by direct deposit, which means there’s no need to write any more physical paycheck stubs or wait for the mailman.

Voiding checks is an ingenious invention. These checks have the words “void” written across their front in large lettering to ensure they cannot be accidentally spent by accident.

Voiding a check prevents it from being used as an empty bank check. Stealing this voided bank check will not work, because the thief cannot sign their signature on the back and put in any amount of money they want without making sure that there are enough available funds to cover such a large expenditure.

Key Takeaways

  • While it may be easy to set up a bill pay account, voided checks are necessary for direct deposits and ACH transfers. Being able to do this in the comfort of your home is more convenient than having to go into a bank branch or mail in an application like you would have had to before online banking was invented.
  • Voiding a check means you’re avoiding any chance of overdraft fees.
  • It is so easy to void a check! You just have to let the bank know it’s been voided by marking both “VOID” and “PAY TO THE BEARER,” then signing your name at the end.
  • You can set up direct deposits or electronic payments without checks.

How a Voided Check Works

You might have to provide your voided check for a variety of reasons. For example, if someone wants the electronic link with your bank account set up they can ask you for it because on one side there are details about what banks and accounts are linked to that particular voided check.

  • Your Bank’s Branch
  • Your Bank Account Number
  • A code that identifies a bank 

When you need to void a check, the numbers on the bottom of your bank slip are all that’s needed. These digits will let you deposit or withdraw funds from your account in any amount and can be used for cash transactions as well.

Direct Deposit – The voided check is an easy way to ensure your account information is correct. The employer will just need a piece of paper with the bank name, routing number and account numbers written on it for you to sign before they deposit money into your checking or savings accounts electronically.

Setting up payments – Electronic payments are a great way to cut back on your monthly expenses. You can set up automatic electronic checks and pay the lowest rates possible for things like rent, mortgage, or even insurance through this method.

Mistakes – Don’t risk using a partially filled out check for anything. If you happen to make an error while filling it out, void or destroy it and chalk up the mistake as another lesson learned.

Requirements for a Voided Check

The next time you go to the bank and realize your cheque book is missing, make sure you void it. A good way of doing so is by using a large pen that can cover most or all of the front side without blocking any information on either side. You want thieves to have as hard a time stealing from us as possible.

You don’t need to sign the check, enter any other information, or worry about cash.

An account holder may need to void a check for several reasons. The process is not complicated, but you must have the original stub or voucher to complete it. If that’s not available, there are still other options:-

It’s not always easy to find a bank branch that has the right checks in stock. Sometimes you can get what you need from another customer, but it might be inconvenient and come with an additional cost. A counter check is one solution for this problem – banks will print them on demand so they’re ready whenever someone needs one.

  • Ask your bank about getting their own version of “on-demand” checks Counter Checks are available at no extra charge when needed by patrons who happen to have forgotten or run out of supplies, and waiting for new ones could mean missing valuable opportunities down the line.
  • The bank teller will accept a preprinted deposit slip for checking or savings account deposits. This is an easy way to make sure your check gets deposited correctly.

You will probably never know just how much your information is worth to identity thieves. It’s not like they’ll ever come knocking at your door with a business proposal- what matters most to them are the numbers on that voided check! To ensure you’re keeping all of us safe, keep in mind these tips for when it comes time to provide one.

How Do You Void A Blank Check?

Writing “VOID” across the front of a check is easy. Write it big so that it’s clear and hard to erase.

To void a check, all you need to do is write the word “VOID” on top of it in big letters. This way, your intentions will be clear, and people won’t hope to cash that bad boy.


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