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What is Treasury Stock Method?

In this blog, we will be discussing the What Is Treasury Stock Method? So that you will have more knowledge about it and you can share your knowledge with your students and persons too.

What is Treasury Stock Method?

A company can choose to buy back its own shares in the open market. This is called treasury stock, or treasury stock method.  There are two ways that a company may decide to purchase treasury stocks: on-market purchases and off-market purchases.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, but they have to be rewarded for their hard work. The treasury method is used by companies such as Facebook and Google when calculating the number of shares issued from employee stock options or restricted stock units (RSUs) because it factors in potential future dilution that could occur due to these contracts which may increase shareholder value without affecting earnings per share (EPS).

To calculate the diluted number of shares, you can use a method called “the treasury”. Dilution is when outstanding securities are increased and there’s an anticipation that it will only happen for stocks with strike prices higher than the current share price.

When stock options are exercised, the share price minus the strike price is divided by the traded value. We do this so that it becomes a positive number or zero.

Because if we used any other division method like multiplying instead of dividing then when there was an option holder who had bought their shares at $15 and wanted to exercise they would be negatively affected in two ways:-

Firstly their current market value for those stocks has dropped down to 10 but secondly, since you multiply rather than dividing your answer will always be higher meaning that even though they have 0 new shares from exercising these options due to being below-the-strike prices, this formula would indicate -10 which doesn’t make sense.

When calculating the net new shares for RSUs, a strike price of 0 always applies to calculate how much you own after vesting.

The other term for this number would be exercise price; it’s what employees need when they want to buy their company’s stocks from them at that point in time before retirement or any future investment decision strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • The treasury stock method can be used to compute the number of new shares that may potentially be created by unexercised in-the-money warrants and options.
  • The company can use the proceeds from an in-the-money option exercise to repurchase shares on the open market.
  • The treasury stock method is a complicated process of accounting for the diluting effect on EPS that can result from stocks being repurchased by companies.

Understanding the Treasury Stock Method

Some companies use the treasury stock method to calculate shares of potential future ownership that may be created by unexercised in-the-money warrants and options.

This approach factors into calculations made for diluted earnings per share (EPS). It assumes a company would spend any money it receives from an option exercise on repurchasing its own common stocks, but some investors believe this is not always realistic because of how unrealistically high EPS numbers can become.

Example of Treasury Stock Method

The company reports $500,000 in net income for the past year and 10,000 outstanding options/warrants. The cost to purchase that many shares is just $50 with their average exercise price at the market value of 100; however, if they are exercised this amount can be raised by an additional 90%.

When the company exercised 10,000 options and warrants for a total of $500,000 in proceeds, they used that money to buy 5,000 shares on the open market at an average price of $100.

The additional 5,000 shares represent the net newly issued stocks that result from potential options and warrants being exercised.

The diluted share count is 105,000 = 100,000 basic shares + 5,000 additional shares. The diluted EPS is then equal to $4.76 = $500k net income ÷ 107k dilution-adjusted weighted average common shareholders

The following passage outlines how to calculate the number of stocks on which earnings are measured when determining what amount constitutes a penny per share change in price or value (diluted EPS).

Formula Of Treasury Stock Method

Add. shares outstanding = Shares from exercise – repurchased shares

Add. shares outstanding = n – (n x K / P)

Add. shares outstanding = n (1 – K/P)


  • n = shares from options or warrants that are exercised
  • K = Average exercise share price
  • P = average share price for the period

 Implementing the Treasury Stock Method

  • The company improves its own value by repurchasing common shares at the market average. Investors who exercise their options allow this to happen, and shareholders reap all of the benefits in turn.
  • When exercising warrants and options, the exercise date assumed is typically the start of a reporting period. This makes sense because it’s easier to calculate profits from exercised shares in this way than by using daily closing prices for stocks or futures contracts when they were bought at different times within that same year-long span as well as different periods throughout each day.

Effect on Diluted EPS

One of the most effective ways to dilute a company’s stock is through the exercise of in-the-money options and warrants. This article explains how EPS, which stands for earnings per share, can be calculated by taking net income (from one year), dividing it into weighted average shares outstanding from that same period—or WASO.

This method is great for companies that have gone through a recent buyback because it does not change the net income but will affect shareholders.

Since the net income of 0 under the treasury stock method and weighted average shares outstanding increase, there is a guaranteed decrease in diluted EPS.


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