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Top 5 Best Tax Preparation Services Company

How To Choose A Tax Preparer?

There are many reasons to use tax preparation services. One big reason is that it saves you time and effort, meaning your business can be focused on what’s most important managing the company rather than doing individual taxes for every member of staff.

If you have very complex taxes or any other deferred tax income, it might be a good idea to hire an expert tax preparer. We reviewed several companies and determined which ones are the best based on reputation, prices offered, services available etcetera.

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List of Top 5 Tax Preparation Services Company are as follows

H&R Block

hr block tax service

While other tax companies only have a few locations across the country, H&R Block has thousands of branches to ensure that you can get your taxes done no matter where you live. With reasonable prices and flexible services like e-filing for free or discounted federal filing with in-person visits, it’s easy to see why we think they offer the best overall service.

H&R Block is a trustworthy name in tax preparation and has the size to back it up. They offer three full-service plans, as well as an online service that will launch in January 2021. For 2019, H&R Block assisted with preparing one out of every seven U.S tax returns at over 11000 locations or through software.

H&R Block offers two options when it comes to tax preparation. The first is a drop-off service, where you leave your paperwork with an accountant and then pick up the completed forms at another time for signing.

Pricing starts at $69 for basic returns plus $59 per state that needs filling as well. In addition, if there are any special issues or complications on taxes they will be quoted separately before work begins so customers know upfront what their total cost may end up being.

In 2021, H&R Block will become the first tax service to offer fully virtual tax preparation. This means you can upload all of your forms and have a full-service representative guide you through them without having to go into an office. Their large number of locations and reasonable prices make them our best overall pick for taxpayers this year.


  • Tax preparers are available to help you with your taxes. There is a drop-off, person or virtual tax preparation service that can be used depending upon the type of service needed and preference for where it will take place.
  • Choose from 11,000 locations There are 11,000 locations all over the world where we work.
  • starts at $128 for a federal and one state return, according to their website.

Jackson Hewitt

jackson hewitt tax service company

Jackson Hewitt offers three easy ways to file your taxes, through an in-person visit at a Jackson Hewitt office or online. It is one of the best for ease of use because it has offices located all over including many within Walmart stores.

Jackson Hewitt is the winner in terms of ease of use, as you can file your taxes online or at one of 6,000 locations across the country. You may find that filing with them while grocery shopping will work out best for you if they have 3,000 tax preparation services offices inside Walmart stores and many open evenings and weekends.

To get started with in-person tax preparation, you can upload your forms through the Jackson Hewitt website. Even better is taking a photo of them using your phone and uploading it that way. If this doesn’t work for some reason, it’s okay to head down to a local location where staff members will help walk you through any issues or concerns.

In-person appointments are also available by appointment as well as drop off/pick up times if needed. Tax prep fees depend on how many forms need to be completed and reviewed during the process so make sure they know exactly what documents they’ll be working with beforehand just in case there are extra costs involved.

Jackson Hewitt offers a flexible, simple tax experience. The benefits include the opportunity to drop off or sit with your preparer while they work on taxes and flexible hours that fit into your schedule.


  • Walmart has 6,000 office locations which include 3,000 inside of Walmart stores.
  • Need help with your taxes? Stop by any of our walk-in locations today! We also provide appointments for those who prefer one.
  • You can either upload or drop off forms to have your taxes prepared by a professional.

TurboTax Live

turbo tax intuit tax preparation service

TurboTax Live is the most efficient way to file your taxes. This add-on brings in a tax professional who will complete all necessary forms for you, saving time and money on hiring another individual to do so at an accountant’s office or another service provider.

TurboTax has a service where you can hire an online tax professional to take care of your taxes for you, no matter what stage in the process. The only catch is that it’s not available until after you’ve finished filing and begin working on something else.

For full-service, TurboTax Live ranges from $130 for basic returns to $290 for complex returns. This is an additional fee of up to $100 more than their software price. The upgrade option costs between 5% and 20% of the Software cost plus a state tax charge which starts at around another 10%.

TurboTax is best for those who are more comfortable with computers and technology. This service does not have a drop-off option, so it may be better suited to digital natives than others of its kind. Users can find TurboTax’s pricing competitive compared to other tax preparation services online as well.


  • Take a break from work and have your taxes prepared by an expert without leaving home.
  • The four pricing tiers relate to how complex your tax return is.
  • Now you can do your taxes on your own and upgrade to a professional tax preparer when necessary.

EY TaxChat

Ernest & young tax service

EY TaxChat offers a professional tax filing experience for self-employed filers and small business owners. With extensive expertise in the field of taxes, EY is an ideal choice to keep your finances organized.

The EY TaxChat is a digital self-employed tax filing app that makes more complicated business taxes easier. This innovative approach to the world of individual taxation won Ernst & Young this category in the 2019 insights change Self Employed Awards hosted by AccountingWEB, an online community for accounting professionals and executives.

With EY TaxChat, you can have your taxes done online. You will work with a tax professional and submit all the documents through your phone or via the secured web portal to ensure maximum security of information. The app includes unlimited advice from professionals who are matched based on specific tax situations for more specialization than other apps offer.

EY TaxChat is a Big Four tax firm that specializes in the needs of business owners. Whether your situation is simple or more complex, they can be an attractive option for you because their prices start at $199 and go up depending on the forms needed to file.


  • Find a match with an accountant who has the expertise to handle your tax needs.
  • Discover your path to finding a tax expert with the same personalized needs as you.
  • Now you can file your taxes from the comfort of home using a phone or computer.

KPMG Spark

kpmg spark tax service

If you are a small or mid-size company with online tax support needs, visit KPMG Spark to get the best service from their team of business experts.

KPMG Spark is a service from KPMG that helps small businesses navigate complicated tax and accounting issues in an online environment. As one of the big four auditors, it can offer expertise to smaller companies on par with Fortune 500 companies through its experience across multiple industries.

KPMG Spark offers online bookkeeping and tax account services for small businesses. Business owners can choose to engage in bookkeeping or just a few select services, such as taxes or payroll. To get an estimate on how much your return will cost.

You need to contact KPMG directly with the details of your situation. the more forms that are required (and therefore needed), combined with its complexity, determines how long it’ll take them before they give you a quote.

KPMG’s web portal is the best choice for growing small and mid-size businesses because it allows business owners to get tax information around the clock, without added hourly fees or consultation charges.

The software also pulls in transaction data right from your bank at a monthly flat rate starting at $195 per month. Your accounting team provides expertise that can help you grow.


  • Explore your passion for tax at a Big Four firm. Accountants and consultants with PwC, Deloitte, EY or KPMG help clients in various industries solve complex business problems while developing valuable skills like effective communication and strategic thinking.
  • Get the support you need to make informed and effective decisions with a dedicated team of experienced accountants.
  • With the help of expertise in complex business tax needs, we can help you with your individual or corporate taxes. We’re available to answer any questions and provide guidance for those who require it.


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